Basic Skills Editor について

Basic Skills Editor を使用すると、ゲーム内の基本アニメーションを置き換えることができます。


In order to create specialized basic skills you need to create the move in Move Craft as you would any other move. Please pay attention to how many people are involved in the original basic move. If it’s one person, you should probably start with a performance in Move Craft, if it’s two people, a grapple is best, etc. Once you have created the move, you will need to export it as an mcData file. mcWork files WILL NOT WORK.

After you have the mcData file created do the following:
1) Move the resulting mcData file from your .\Craft\LocalMoves\ directory and place it in the .\ModPackData\BasicSkillData\ directory.
2) Rename the file to either .bsData OR _General.bsData
3) Restart the game. There is no way to import these replacements on the fly currently. I may include this feature in future versions, but for now, a game restart is needed to load new bsData files.

Once the bsData has been loaded, it will be available to be assigned to wrestlers using the Basic Skills Editor form. If the move has the _General tag in the file name, you only need to assign it to a wrestler if they do not have “Use Generalized Moves” checked.

Wrestlers who do not have Basic Skill Editor data will always use the default basic skill animations.