Hello Fire Pro aficionados, Dave K here back to break the silence with news about a long-awaited feature: Custom ring graphics are finally here!

When you make a custom ring from [Edit Mode > Ring Edit], you can now also apply custom textures to the ring mat, apron, posts and corner mats/turnbuckles.

You can create custom graphics yourself, or download them from the Workshop.

Here’s a visual guide showing how the elements look in-game:

(Remember, there are three types of turnbuckle designs: Cylinder, Triangle 1 and Triangle 2. Make sure to select the design that matches your corner mat graphic.)

.jpg, .png

Ring Mat: (1024×1024)
Apron (1024×128)
*Aprons require two graphics for the left and right sides.
Corner Mat: (1024×512)
Post: (1024×512)

Once you create a custom graphic, move them to the appropriate sub directory. By default, this should be:

Ring Mat:
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fire Prowrestling World\Decal\Mat
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fire Prowrestling World\Decal\Apron
Corner Mat:
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fire Prowrestling World\Decal\Cornermat
Corner Post:
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fire Prowrestling World\Decal\Post

Once you apply your custom graphics, you may want to adjust the base color to make the graphics pop. For example, here we made the Mat Color orange and the top/bottom Corners white.

FireProWrestlingW 2017-10-27 15-30-03-13
You can also upload custom graphics to the Workshop from: [Edit Mode > Workshop > Publish Item > Ring Texture]

The Workshop handles each graphic as a separate item and automatically tags them by category.

That’s all there is to it! Be sure to check out the Steam Workshop for inspiration and creations to download.

Until next time, stay strong.
-Dave K




  1. Thanks for fixing the referee voices turning them off.

    I hope there ps4 release date.

    I’m ready to return to that system

    In due time

    I got some sick 2k18 it’s shit wrestling game compared to fire pro wrestling.

    Please put 2k18 and wwe run for there money!

    2k18 I wasted money bulshit game!
    90 bucks worth down fucking drain

    yours is great my brother gifted me this game!

    Put wwe 2k18 out bussiness I buy this game again on ps4 you count on that!

    Wwe is alright there still not giving me what I want.

    Yeah developers of fire pro wrestling make sure this game fully badass.

    I can’t stand my friends bitching when FirePro coming out for ps4

    This why I can’t wait for game on Gamestop shelves

    Please give wwe games run for there money.

    Your number one wrestling fan Ray!

    I’m enjoying the beta!

    Freaking awesome unlike the peace of crap wwe puts out.


  2. Sorry for the swearing I’m sick wwe games being horrible

    Developers understand I lost my ps4 account everything that I owned gone!

    I was looking forward to get on ps4 darksavior4 account got removed by Sony PlayStation.

    Maybe one day I will return PlaystAtion 4

    Until then fire pro wrestling beta beats wwe games true fact.

    Please make me And Sean Garner proud be fire pro wrestling owner

    I can’t get back ps4 get fire pro ps4 so get beat my friend dan Williams

    Show that fire pro wrestling is better choice

    I’m sorry I hope you understand please appect my message blessings you made this beta awesome


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