Hello Fire Pro fans, company mouthpiece Dave K here with an update on our progress through Early Access.

Since launch we’ve focused on bug fixes with weekly patches, but we’re ready to shift our attention to expanding your gameplay options.

Our latest patch rolls out two new features: Custom music support and S-1 rules!

Custom music support allows you to set your own wrestler entrance theme and match BGM. This feature supports MP3, WAV and OGG file types.

First things first: To get the music into your game, move the files into the game’s installation directory. By default, this should be something like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FPW\BGM
FireProWrestlingW 2017-08-18 14-49-56-76

You can set a wrestler’s entrance theme from:
Edit Mode > Wrestler Edit (Create/load your wrestler) Skill > Theme Music

And to set music during a match, set up a match as normal, then go to:
Settings > Match BGM

Also, this is very important: DO NOT add/remove music files while the game is running! This may cause unexpected issues. Please exit the game before sorting your music collection.

The Workshop doesn’t support custom music, so if you upload a wrestler with custom music to the Workshop, the theme of the Workshop wrestler will revert to the default track.S1
The other new feature should be familiar to longtime fans: S-1 Rules Match (the Fire Pro answer to kickboxing)! Originally we didn’t plan to include this mode, but enough people asked for it so it’s back by popular demand.

Before you trade your tights for boxer shorts, keep the following S-1 special rules in mind:

  • Matches are decided by KO/TKO
  • Matches are fought in timed rounds (similar to Gruesome Fighting)
  • No grappling moves/submissions
  • No running inside the ring
  • Strikes receive a large damage bonus for wrestlers using an MMA-centric fight style (Shooter, Grappler, Fighter)

That about covers the new features. For detailed patch notes, please visit the Steam forums.

One last thing before I sign off:

We launched a Twitch channel to directly address user feedback and announce upcoming features.

Even I don’t know what Director Matsumoto will let slip until we’re on the air, so be sure to drop by!

In a few weeks we’ll have the head programmer on as a guest to talk shop and show us how the engine works under the hood. Watch this space for details, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Steam!

Until next time, stay strong.
-Dave K


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