Hello Fire Pro fans, company mouthpiece Dave K here to remind you that the journey of a thousand matches starts with a single edit.

Already gone through Mission Mode but still have questions about Edit Mode and online play? We put together a couple of short videos to use in conjunction with the instruction manual to get you started. If you need additional help, the Steam forums are a stockpile of useful information.



Until next time, stay strong.
-Dave K

One thought on “DEV BLOG #5: TUTORIAL VIDEOS

  1. Great game apologies in advance for the essay.

    Only real gripe is the hit detection for strikes, seems like a very small precise location to connect hits with.

    Also with the edit mode would it be possible to fill in the transparency on wrestlers faces once their respective beards/facewear (subparts) are removed?

    For additions a lot of stuff already mentioned would be welcome, MP3 theme music, management modes, entrance attires, logo imports, match types etc, anything the wwe games done well tbh.

    Would it be possible to add another waist layer in edit mode? This layer would display over the leg closest to the camera as opposed to under, this would allow tunics gowns, jackets, skirts tassets etc to be made and could tie in nicely with entrance attires if they were introduced, fire pro edits made wearing business suits always look like they’ve tucked the jacket into their trousers.

    Also for edits would it be possible to make the files to the game accessible? Adding in user created sprites could fix any issues people had with customising wrestlers, for example if someone had a certain decal in their mind but couldn’t replicate it in game, they could simply make a few PNG files of the image from all required angles and add it into the textures folder themselves and use it, since the games engine is unity the Devs could write a simple c++ if statement making only caws with vanilla assets, useable for online play negating the issues that would arise if the other player didn’t have the same assets. This could also free up the Developers time to work on other aspects of the game.

    This level of customisation would make the game cater to everyone’s individual needs and as long as people were still creating new content for it and sharing it online the game would be playable forever!

    Could do the same with arenas and let users build the backdrops in a 3d program or the unity engine itself, use a template file with the ring and all the boundaries hardcoded for the wrestlers to interact with in ( in ring, out ring, ropes, audience etc) then just add a file for the backdrop (probably an obj if nothings moving) this is a bit far fetched but would be cool nonetheless

    Again sorry for the big speel


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