Dev Blog #2: Edit Mode & Workshop

Hello guys and gals, company mouthpiece Dave K here once again to bring you the score.

Customization is the beating heart of the Fire Pro Wrestling series. Today I’m going to talk about how we’ve overhauled Edit Mode and explain how to share your creation over the Steam Workshop.


Newcomers may not notice the improvements but we’ve made the system more user-friendly. Now you can preview the wrestler from the front and back (as well as do a 360-turn around of individual parts). On top of 4 costumes per wrestler, you can now adjust the size of individual parts (head/torso/arm/hand/leg). But the biggest change is how layers are handled.Blog2_1Blog2_2

It’s easier to explain if we look at a real example with my favorite bruiser, “Suplex Hurricane” Max Bertrand. His shoe is broken up into 4 layers: The “body” of the shoe, the soles, the stripes and the laces. In previous Fire Pros, all these pieces would have been a single layer and adjusting the color a particular element was a matter of trial-and-error. Now you can easily edit the color of each layer AND there’s even a RGB color picker that allows you to copy/paste colors between layers.Blog2_3The new system will give you greater freedom than ever before. If you need proof, look no further than “Sergeant” Steel Johnson’s camo pants. And if there’s a design element that’s sorely lacking, let us know!

[STEAM WORKSHOP]Blog2_5aOperating the Workshop is so simple you could do it trapped in a headlock. You can both upload and download items from within the Edit Mode menu.Blog2_4a.pngWhen you upload an item, you’ll be able to include a description, revision notes and search tags. To download an item, simply subscribe to it and restart the application. Once subscribed to an item, any updates will be downloaded automatically. You can even use these edits as the base for your own creations!Blog2_6aI’d show you examples of our test uploads, but the testers aren’t pro CAW creators. That’s why I’m counting on you—yes, you reading this!—to help populate the Workshop with the champions of tomorrow, today. (OK, technically the game doesn’t launch until July 10, but you know what I mean.)

Until next time, stay strong.

-Dave K


16 thoughts on “Dev Blog #2: Edit Mode & Workshop

  1. Can you make Edit/Create-A-Wrestlers that look like these:

    Would love to bring my roster to the new experience, especially with four costumes per Edit and 9 layers per Edit part.


  2. Can the shin parts now be viewed from all angles now, so I can make it so that side patterns, like stripes for instance, can be used all the way down the legs?

    Not of massive importance, especially considering the changes that would be required for pretty much every move animation, but yeah.


  3. Can we please get back the four color gradients?? There are some amazing things I’ve been able to do with edits because of those and I’m afraid we won’t be able to replicate them, even with the increased layers. Tattoos, flesh tones, hair texture, and boot designs are just a few of the things that will suffer if each edit layer can only be one color.

    Also, if we’re only dealing with one color per layer does that mean you’re providing skin colors? It will be impossible to edit without multiple colors.


    • Base skin colors range from light to dark, the layer color is then applied to the base color. (For example, if you set the layer to green, a dark skin base will be a darker shade of green than a light skin base.)
      Each layer also supports 5 levels of highlights (from none to strong).
      I know hardcore fans have their doubts about the new system, but I ask that you try it first and give us feedback so we can figure out where/how to make improvements.


  4. Could non vanilla assets be flagged so they can’t be used in online play? Or perhaps have online play disabled if any modifications have been made?

    @GreatnessGD would this perhaps resolve your concerns with CAWS?
    If we could add our own sprites for CAWs there’d be no limits to what could be made.

    Just a thought, will be buying the game regardless 😀


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